Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the Roaring Kelly Band

The Roaring Kelly Band is proud to once again take part in the grand celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day.

Just who was St. Patrick?  According to St. Patrick Revealed: The Man Behind the Green Beer and the Myth by David Plotz, Patrick was born in Britain, probably in Wales, around 385 A.D. His father was a Roman official. When Patrick was 16, seafaring raiders captured him, carried him to Ireland, and sold him into slavery. Patrick spent six lonely years herding sheep and, according to him, praying 100 times a day. In a dream, God told him to escape. He returned home, where he had another vision in which the Irish people begged him to return and minister to them: “We ask thee, boy, come and walk among us once more,” he recalls in his treatise Confession. He studied for the priesthood in France, then made his way back to Ireland where he is credited with converting Ireland to Christianity with the founding of churches and monasteries.

For more than 1,000 years In Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day was just another quiet religious holiday celebrated with a mass.  It took the Irish immigrant multitude in America to turn it in to the public revelry we enjoy today.  Irish immigrants began the celebration in Boston in 1737 and first paraded in New York in 1762 as a way to flaunt Irish-American numerical and political might.  Even today, the holiday retains that signature role adding traditional music and dance to the festivities as well as gallons of green beer.

The Roaring Kelly Band invites you to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.RKB_Poster_15MAR14

On Saturday, March 15, starting at 7pm, we take the stage at Downtown at the Gardens at Centre Court.  We’ll play for any Irish set dancers who join the fun and we keep the entertainment going with lyrical ballads, ferocious reels, jumping jigs and songs of mirth and rebellion.


GALUPPI’S HAS THE PREMIER ST. PATRICK’S DAY EVENT OF THE YEAR! On St. Patrick’s Day, Monday, March 17, from 6:30 until 10:30pm, the Roaring Kelly Band kicks it into high gear at Galuppi’s in Pompano Beach.  Joyful dancing, general frolicking, and rambunctious fun are had by all at Galuppi’s on St. Patrick’s Day. There’s great food, abundant drink, and a fantastic crowd with the Roaring Kelly Band delivering traditional Irish songs and tunes for incredible fun. Don’t miss out!