Irish Dracula Reprise

Irish Dracula Playbill ImageLike a vampire rising after dark, the Irish Dracula performs a reprise at the upcoming Acting Irish International Theatre Festival on Tuesday, May 20 at 8pm. Once more, the Roaring Kelly Band provides the musical overlay for this delightful Gothic melodrama set in the year of 1888 in London and Co. Sligo, Ireland.

The play centers on Bram Stoker and begins in the Lyceum Theatre in London where the author of the world famous novel Dracula worked as business manager. Other characters and events then take our Irish protagonist to Co. Sligo where encounters with the mysterious Lord Edward Cooper.

All performances for this festival, including the Irish Dracula, are featured in the Arts Garage, 180 NE 1st Street, in Delray Beach. The Arts Garage is the innovative cultural hub for visual artists, musicians, educators and performers in the heart of Delray Beach’s vibrant downtown. Located on the ground level of Old School Square parking garage (how convenient is that?), the Arts Garage shines as the new norm for creative performance. The Roaring Kelly Band is proud to participate in this wonderful venue for the Irish Dracula.

Tickets are $20 and may be purchased by calling the Arts Garage Box Office at 561 450-6357.