New Saturday Performance at O’Connor’s

OConnors_17Aug14_2Dear power metal bands, we feel for you.  It’s got to be pretty frenetic with all the electronics, pedals and re-amped, recycled sounds slammed through your digitized sound board. I’m here to testify that there’s actually no need for screaming one-note punches held for ear-splitting minutes-on-end or shredded riffs of twisted, over-synthesized bending notes melted together by circuit boards, sampler tracks, and computer mixes then blasted loud enough to destroy asteroids.  It’s no wonder you’ve forgotten the simple beauty and heart-tugging enchantment of honest acoustic sound.

That’s where the Roaring Kelly Band comes to the rescue.  We feature acoustic instrumentation with a high degree of virtuosity thrown in for good measure.  The Irish hold the touchstone on music that keeps entrancing with tunes that melt the walls of time or make the heart skip and dance. We are the Roaring Kelly Band and we are what you hear: Good, solid live music performance of traditional, lilting tunes and fun songs.

And we’re doing exactly that on Saturday, September 27 from 4 to 6 pm at O’Connor’s in Delray Beach.  It’s happy hour so the barmen are happy to serve libations at a good price while the Roaring Kelly Band serves up fine, honest Irish music that is the best you’ll hear this side of the old sod.