Happy New Year – What To Do After the Holidays Are Over

RKB_Poster_04JAN15_v1It’s New Year’s Eve and you’re making preparations to celebrate the end of 2014 and a brand, spanking New Year. The Roaring Kelly Band hopes it’s going to be a year of prosperity and happiness for you and for those you love best.
But what happens after the New Year begins? It’s time to put away all the lights, the glitter, the holiday trinkets and get back to the hum-drum daily routine. Putting away all that stuff is definitely not as much fun as getting it out and setting it up. It’s a grind, a chore, a tedious task but the Roaring Kelly Band has a cure for your post-holiday blues. It’s a party for THE HOLIDAYS ARE OVER! That’s right, the Roaring Kelly Band will kick it back into gear Sunday, January 4, 2015, at O’Connor’s from 4 to 6pm with a generous blast of tunes, songs, and all around fun. It’s two solid hours of happy hour fun that you don’t want to miss and we’ll also celebrate a very special birthday! Just take a break, have a breather and we’ll make it a party!