St. Patrick’s Day and Fierce Fun at Galluppi’s

RKB_Poster_17MAR15The Roaring Kelly Band delivers some fierce fun for St. Patrick’s day at Galluppi’s this Tuesday, March 17 starting at 5pm.  There’s no such party like it!

Speaking of St. Patrick’s Day, did you know that March 17 is the day the Irish celebrate the good Saint’s death?  That’s right.  Although he made his mark by introducing Christianity to Ireland in the year 432, Patrick wasn’t Irish himself. He was born to Roman parents in Scotland or Wales in the late fourth century. Saint Patrick is a saint of the Catholic Church, and his holy day is the day of his death, and subsequent entrance to heaven, rather than the day of his physical birth. After spending most of his adult life converting the pagans of Ireland to Christianity, St. Patrick went to his reward on March 17, 461 AD.  If you think about it, St. Patrick’s Day is like a big, grand Irish wake for this most beloved of saints. That’s good enough for me to lift high a glass, sing many a song and play many a tune to honor good St. Patrick.  And you’re more than welcome to join in and have yourself a grand old time.

the Roaring Kelly Band will kick it into full gear this Tuesday, at Galluppi’s with a big-as-it-gets blast of all around fun.  Step on in and we’ll provide the entertainment and bounce with hard-driving reels, vicious jigs, hopping hornpipes, and rowdy songs to keep you jumping.