Spring Scottish Ceilidh Dance

Ceilidh_24APR15_LakesideA Ceilidh (pronounced kay-lee) is an informal social event that translates from Gaelic literally as ‘gathering’ but it has come to mean a fun filled night of great company, good music, and exciting dancing.  The Spring Scottish Ceilidh Dance is coming fast and ‘tis the time to learn a wee bit about the Ceilidh Dance.

First off, dance is common to all cultures but the Scottish take their traditions very seriously and that’s a good thing.  The dedication to tradition has enabled the preservation of Scottish dancing dating far back over time. There are variations that exist for Scottish dancing which include Ceilidh Dancing, Scottish Country Dancing, and Highland Dancing.

The Ceilidh dances are easy to learn, good exercise and once you know the steps, you can join in Ceilidh dances all over the world.  No experience is necessary. At every Ceilidh Dance where the Roaring Kelly Band played, the musicians and fellow dancers are always happy to show beginners the steps. You’re also under the eye of our caller, Liam Egan, who stays with you every step of the way – walking you through the moves and calling out helpful hints.  The emphasis is on having fun and being sociable.

Most of the Ceilidh dances are repetitive in nature and danced with couples in a circle where the dance continues until the original couple moves back to the top but these circle dances can keep moving until the dancers have had enough fun and need a short break before the next dance ensues.  Our caller usually starts the Ceilidh with the classic Gay Gordons and makes sure as many folks who are capable of standing get involved. At half time, when everyone is well warmed up and in need of a break, there is a wee snack and a drink. The bagpipes perform & announcements are made then it’s back to the dance floor!

The Roaring Kelly Band keeps it lively and fun with traditional, energetic Celtic-acoustic music full of drive with the right bounce to keep you stepping to the tempo.  The cost is 5 at the door.  Doors open at 6:30pm this Friday, April 24, at Lakeside Presbyterian, 4601 S. Flagler Drive, West Palm Beach, Florida.

Bring a snack to share; wear a kilt if you dare!