It’s Saint Practice Day This Sunday, at O’Connor’s Pub

Celebrate St. Practice Day with the Roaring Kelly Band! That’s right, it’s St. Practice Day. Remember that the liver is lazy and must be trained.  There are only a scant nine months to get it right before the real Irish holiday is upon us!  If you start now, you’ll be well on your way. The Roaring Kelly Band is rocking O’Connor’s Pub in Delray Beach this Sunday to get your wagon rolling with a generous blast of tunes, songs, and all around musical mayhem. It’s two solid hours of fun you don’t want to miss.

For an added kick, have a listen to our special guest artist, James Coyne, Galway native and accordionist extraordinaire!  You won’t want to miss out on those tunes because this boy can make that button box play!

The Roaring Kelly Band is jumping right into St. Practice Day because its good enough reason to celebrate. Order up a choice libation and we’ll fill the air with some righteous tunes and rowdy songs. Get yourself down to O’Connor’s Pub this Sunday, where the blast begins at 4pm.