Halfway to St. Pat’s at the Delray Green Market

Celebrate Halfway to Saint Patrick’s Day with the Roaring Kelly Band at the Delray Beach Green Market!

Halfway to St. Pat’s is a new holiday, but it is spreading fast. Its popularity began in 2009 when Guinness had its 250th Anniversary. The company sponsored live music and other events all over the world as part of the festivities, and among those, “Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day” celebrations sprang up.

Now, Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day events pop up everywhere and encourage people to gather in pubs, taverns, bars, and even Green Markets to raise a glass to the Irish patron saint and enjoy some fellowship with other lovers of St. Patrick’s Day, and Irish music!

Join The Roaring Kelly Band this Saturday morning, 9am to noon, at the east end of the Delray Beach Tennis Center with over 30 vendors selling wares. You can find toothsome delights and fresh farm-to-table produce shopping to our rambunctious Irish music. Come listen to the band, dance a jig if you like and don’t forget to tell the produce vendor across from the band tent just how much you enjoy the music! He loves that!