Irish Independence and the 1916 Easter Rising

RKB_Poster_16JAN15_v1The Roaring Kelly Band celebrates this year’s centennial of the 1916 Easter Rising with Irish independence ballads, songs of rebellion, and traditional jigs, reels, and hornpipes to keep your Irish rebel heart beating this Saturday, January 16, at 4pm at the most fun pub in Delray Beach, HJ O’Connor’s.

Pádraig Pearse, leader of the Easter Rising, said himself: “There are many more things more horrible than bloodshed and slavery is one of them”.

The 1916 Easter Rising, marks the seminal moment when an insurrection led by a handful of Irish militants, on April 24, 1916, occupied a handful of government buildings in then British-controlled Dublin and published the Proclamation of the Irish Republic. British troops put down the rebellion within a week then carried out such horrific beatings and executions of the seven leaders and eight other rebels that public opinion was swayed in favor of the uprising. Many saw those who were executed as martyrs for the cause. It also illustrated to many in the populace that the British government could be expelled from Ireland only by force. While initially unsuccessful, the 1916 Easter Rising directly led to the Irish War of Independence, which was fought largely by the Irish Republican Army.

Ireland does not celebrate an “Independence Day” like many other countries, but commemorations are held across the country during Easter Week to celebrate what many consider to be the start of Irish independence. Every year, the Sinn Fein party makes an address and holds a parade through Dublin. Much like in the United States, people dress in period clothing and sing Irish independence ballads.

This year’s commemoration of the 1916 Easter Rising continues throughout the year and The Roaring Kelly Band will deliver. Join us at H.J. O’Connor’s Pub, Saturday, January 16, at 4pm when the fun begins. Up the Republic!