It’s The Big Day! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

TiltedKilt_StPatsAd_17MAR16We’ve moved up the time to start at 6pm so you can have an early start with The Roaring Kelly Band at the Tilted Kilt, 3320 Airport Road in Boca Raton!  We’ll be out on the big porch so you can step inside to the oval bar for your green beer then out to the shade and fresh air. We’ll be a six-piece for the celebration featuring Bill Z on keyboard, the man who kept the Céilí dance circuit in the move and groove in New Hampshire. He’s down in hot ‘n sunny south Florida and we’ll crank through the tunes, croon the ballads, and belt out the songs of bloody rebellion for all comers.

Here’s an Irish legend about our good Saint Patrick and a Gaelic language lesson for the day.

Pota Phadraig: Pota Phadraig (Patrick’s Pot) is the name given to the measure of whiskey to be taken on Saint Patrick’s Day. Tradition dictates that a shamrock be floated on the whiskey before drinking, hence the expression, ‘drowning the shamrock’

The music and the craic begin at 6pm, tomorrow, Saint Patrick’s Day, at the Tilted Kilt in Boca Raton. ‘Tis sure to be a party and The Roaring Kelly Band will be rocking the house!