Killybegs Fishing Fleet without ‘the ship from hell’

Passed through Killybegs on way to the stunning cliffs of Sleibh Leigh. Town was named after the conical stone structures that housed early Christian monks in Ireland. This blog reports the fascinating development of unbridled greed in the fishing industry with the super trawler Atlantic Dawn.


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Travelling along the Wild Atlantic Way there are many ‘side stories’ that grab attention. Such is the case in Killybegs in South Donegal. Killybegs is Ireland’s largest fishing port, the safe sheltered deep water harbour  located in the waters of Donegal Bay.

Two things surprise me…the sheer size of these boats that go hunting fish for our tables, and the sheer number of them in the harbour, that are not at sea. They are big and they are colourful, and presumably in harbour as they may have already taken their quota of a particular species as allowed under European rules, or because the species they fish may not in season. The size of these boats would make you wonder all the same how long the seas can continue to produce the huge quantities of fish that these super vessels can haul in at any one time.

It is…

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