Happy Hour with RKB at O’Connor’s Pub this Sunday

The Roaring Kelly Band celebrates with a singing, fiddling, strumming, tooting, picking, plucking, high-stepping, old fashioned hooley with beautiful women, gallant men, and strong drink this Sunday, February 26, at 4pm at the most fun pub in Delray Beach, HJ O’Connor’s. It’s always an Oscar-worthy performance.

Speaking of the statuette that is so coveted among Hollywood’s most talented in film, did you know that that gleaming Academy Award of Merit (or  known better by the moniker – the Oscar) was invented by an Irishman?  That’s right.  Austin Cedrick Gibbons was born in Dublin in 1893, came to California and became the art director for Metro-Goldwin-Mayer motion picture studio.  Gibbons was one of the original 36 founding members of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and oversaw the design of the Academy Awards statuette in 1928, a trophy for which he himself would be nominated 39 times, winning 11.

While Gibbons deserves great credit for his genius of design, the genius of Ireland is best understood in it’s music.  Come join Rosemarie, Randy, Ian, and Bill for sparkling, solid live music that keeps entrancing with tunes that melt the walls of time or make the heart skip and dance. Did I mention the part about beautiful women, gallant men, and strong drink?